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                        StillAlive - Man as the Place  ( SAMP )

                         - an interactive project in the public space


                              Have you taken care of a figure ?

                        Become a godparent and participate in the interactive project!


                              To be able to keep the figure and become a godparent a return is required.

                              It means that whoever finds a figure must give a contribution to an organization or association

                              which the finder consider contributes to help people who have suffered in the public space one way or another.

                              It is also possible to give a contribution or help directly a fellow citizen suffered in the public space  that you know of.

                              Furthermore the finder must send an e-mail and tell me where the figure was found and how the finder experience the project as being part of it.


                              Please, send e-mail to A mentoring proof will then be sent back to you! 







                                A choreography in a birdīs eye view 

                                StillAlive -Man as the Place  is a project where selfglowing objects are placed outside in different places

                                in the architecture of the city. The objects are placed both where they easily can be seen and in more hidden places.

                                In the night they glow.


                                The outplacement ritual and the objects journey in the city becomes a choreography in a bird's perspective.

                                The places where the objects will be left become coordinates for a time.


                                Will the objects dissolve, dematerialize or be taken care of by passers-by?


                                The project meets its audience in the public space.

                                In the same time it differs from the idea of public art as it will only be present temporarily

                                and who ever finds them can pick them up and become godparent of the object.
                                If you find one of the objects you can detect an ingraved link underneath and then go to the project website

                                for more information.