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                      StillAlive - Man as the Place / SAMP # 9 , Kiruna Sept 22nd - Sept 30th 2012

                       - in collaboration with Konstmuseet i Norr / Art Gallery in the North




                            Opening  Sept 22nd 5 - 7 pm, City Hall, Kiruna

                       The exhibition continues Sept 22 - Sept 30


                       Performance Sept 30th 3 pm , City Hall, Kiruna












                              Kiruna - workshop with volunteers








                       SAMP@Mejan 2012  

                             March 26-29  during Performing Recalcitrance at the Royal Institute of Arts /KKH / Mejan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.

                             Installation March 26-29

                             Daily at 12-16 pm in BLACK BOX

                             Performance March 29 at 18 pm


                             Have you found an object in the city ? - follow the instructions here


                             My intention with the project is to investigate existential questions of human vulnerability, loneliness and homelessness

                             and the responsability that we have for each other in life. And what we do with our shared public space, if it is really public and a place for everyone.

                             The definition of the public space is intimately  connected with our ideas of how it uis to be a human being and what kind of society we should create.







                        StillAlive - Man as the Place # 7, Lidköping - October 2011



                                             “ Man grasps a light in the night, dead for himself with extinguished eyes,

                                               grasps the dead in his sleep, with extinguished eyes,

                                               the awoken grasps the sleeping ".


                                                                                            Fragment 26, Heraclitus






                                        The Installation continues  Oct 1st - Oct 9th at  Sockerbruket in Lidköping

                                        PERFORMANCE  Oct 9th at  5: 30  pm 

                                        More information at homepage  Konstens år Lidköping 2011


                             Have you found an object in the city ? - follow the instructions here






                       StillAlive - Man as the Place # 6 , Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, May 2011 



                             INSTALLATION WITH OBJECTS

                             Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7



                             PERFORMANCE  May 20th  - Have you found an object ?





                              On the anniversary of the great battle of the elms.


A figure at the elms in Kungsträdgården Garden in Stockholm. .


Here lies a figure - an old man. It looks as if he i sleeping. He is on the side almost in fetal position. Thus I sleep, I think, I and millions of others. We lies as in a memory of our fetal period. When we patiently waited to be born into the world.   On the day we see it, the world, at night we return to the big sleep that surround our lives.


The old man may be dead, dead in a frozen moment, the body does not decompose by flames or worms.  The old man lies there forever. But in the darkness shines the body, a slightly seasoned reflection of the sun´s rays - greenish. A beacon in universe


Anna writes that man is a place. It´s so beautiful to think that way. When we otherwise think of human life it is mainly time we think of, how slowly we are aging and how slow our body breaks down,the so-called entropy.


However, if we relate a human life´s timeframe to the timeframe of the universe, a human life will be as short as a point, a place where time and space become one and the same. Man is a place.



Tom Fjordefalk

 juni 2011



                              Read about visitors´ experiences of SAMP # 6 at Konstnärshuset








                        StillAlive - Man as the Place # 5, Gothenburg,  March  2011     







                               GALLERY KC   ERIK DAHLBERGSGATAN 6  GÖTEBORG


                               Performance Saturday March 5  18 pm. The exhibition continued from the 19th of  February to the 6th of March 2011


                               With the support from the city of Gothenburg Cultural Board and Gallery KC







                         StillAlive - Man as the Place # 4, Borås and Skövde, August 2010


                               URSÄKTA Art Manifestation - Borås Art Museum, Skövde Art










                         StillAlive - Man as the Place # 3, Växjö Art Hall, 2009






                                 Movie:  from the performance at Växjö Art Hall 2009 - 05 - 30


                         StillAlive - Man as the Place # 3


                                 Växjö Art Hall the 30th of May 2009 at 5 p.m - link to the Art Hall


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  StillAlive - Man as the Place  # 2   installation with performance at Weld,

  in collaboration with Anna Koch / Weld

  Weld: En koreografi ur fågelperspektiv - installation den 12/10

  Stockholm, October 2008.



  StillAlive - Man as the Place # 1    presentation/ exhibition at the National Gallery


  Stockholm , August 2008




  StillAlive - Man as the Place  is a project in constant transformation without ending,

  a walk phenomenon from city to city, from place to place.